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Previously, I spilled some thoughts on the future of voice and its impact on design (read it here). Now, I’d like to highlight two opportunities worth exploring in this domain.

1. Voice Marketing

We all know SEO, SEA, banners, pop-ups, and smart UX designs are trying to create awareness and nudge people toward buying a product. We nurture an audience through online funnels and use different designs to influence the purchase. How is this going to work when ‘voice‘ rules the game?

Marketing agencies and experts are required to rethink their tactics. They must be creative in the methods they implement to create awareness and drive calls to action through channels like Google Home or Alexa. Also, it’s about time to rethink the web advertisement business models. I’m curiously awaiting the rise of niche voice marketing agencies dedicated to tackling this.

2. Voice Apps (Skills)

Everybody is building apps these days: ‘The app for X.’ While the ‘app’ store is pretty saturated, the voice ‘skill’ store still provides a field of opportunities to explore. You can see these skills as apps for voice devices.

There’s a growing number of companies that are building complementary skills for their existing app or creating skills without the need for a classic app. But since voice technology is far from mature, it provides an opportunity to capture a wide audience. Remember when you wished you had been on that early app wave? Well, here’s your second chance. Or how about beginning a skills development agency? It’s certainly doable.

Voice will open up new opportunities for businesses. Try experimenting with it and discover how your product or company can benefit from it. Build your own ‘skills’ and test how they can reduce friction in our lives. Also, start reframing your marketing tactics when the Alexas and Google Homes will run/rule our lives.


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