Design thinking seeks to break free from traditional and rigid task-orientated approaches to doing business. It encourages collaboration among teams, the pooling of knowledge, and creates the space to experiment with new ways of working. At its core, it advocates The Human-Centered design process: the principle of focusing on the human dimension of a service and product enabling organizations to better serve their clients.

Check out the podcast ‘Inzicht’ by De Tijd, where Jan Byttebier (Design Manager EY-VODW), Philip Neyt (former CCO Corona Direct), and myself dive into the topic of Design Thinking. (Dutch)

You can find the EY article here. For the PDF, go here.

The endpoint is not to consider “design thinking” as a method but as something embedded in the DNA of the organization. Eventually, it’s a mindset of increased collaboration, experimentation, optimism, and more people-centric thinking.


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